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Linux Eases Development of Advanced Capabilities for Smart Wireless Devices

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| The use of Linux as an operating system (OS) in the server market has
| proliferated because of its modular extensibility, open source code
| community, vast libraries of existing applications, robustness and, not
| surprisingly, favorable licensing. The obvious benefits of these same
| features suggest that Linux will also become the dominant OS for wireless
| devices.
| A typical Linux based framework has a layered design with several elements.
| First, the Linux kernel provides the operating system services. Hardware is
| isolated from the Linux kernel with drivers. Depending on the application,
| designers can decide to run various system services on top of the kernel such
| as X-windows, Gstreamer and Graphical Tool Kit (GTK). The applications
| framework and user interface is then built on top of the Linux service layer.



Open Movement in the 3G/4G World

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| “We’re using Debian Linux, which is pretty much the platform of the whole
| device,” says Ari Virtanen, head of the Converged Product Unit. “Basically,
| our Linux approach is to really participate in open-source projects and
| programs and to use them in building our products.”


Nine wireless network companies to watch

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| Why it's worth watching: The old David-and-Goliath thing: Founder Pauline Lo
| Alker is taking on Microsoft. ABI Research projects Linux will be the fastest
| growing smart phone operating system for the next five years, with an annual
| growth rate over 75 percent.


Wireless Software for Linux Cleared of Legal Uncertainty by SFLC

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| After performing the audit, SFLC concluded that OpenHAL does not infringe
| copyrights held by Atheros. As a result, OpenHAL development can now continue
| safely, unencumbered by legal uncertainty so long as the OpenHAL developers
| continue their work in isolation from Atheros' proprietary code.
| [...]
| "We believe that this outcome will clear the way for eventual acceptance of a
| new wireless driver into the Linux kernel," said John Linville, the Linux
| kernel maintainer for wireless networking.


Our commitment to open broadband platforms

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| CEO Eric Schmidt today sent a letter to FCC Chairman Kevin Martin, saying
| that, should the FCC adopt all four license conditions requested above,
| Google intends to commit at least $4.6 billion to bidding for spectrum in the
| upcoming 700 Mhz auction.


MIMO-enabled enterprise access point runs Linux

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| Bluesocket used Linux in what it claims to be the first
| enterprise-class wireless access point based on MIMO
| (multiple-input, multiple output) technology.


Second-generation wireless sensor platform runs Linux

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| Crossbow Technology will demonstrate its tiny XScale-based
| platform for wireless sensing, at the Sensors Expo
| tradeshow next week.


New Wireless Architecture to Drive the Next Generation of Enterprise Mobility

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| Wireless Next Generation Architecture Will Bridge the Gap between
| Wi-Fi and RFID to Create the Industry Reference for "RF Switching"
| [...]
| The cornerstone of the Wi-NG architecture is the modular
| Linux-based operating system that provides a separation
| between infrastructure, services, application and management
| layers.



The next big things in wireless

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| But as Google and its partners talk up Android, there's another open mobile
| platform that will be making a splash at the show. Earlier this week, the
| Limo Foundation, a global consortium of mobile carriers, chipmakers, and
| handset manufacturers developing cell phone technology based on Linux, said
| it will make its application programming interface available in March. Next
| week, the group is expected to announce some new members to the consortium,
| as it becomes the dominant open-source Linux platform for mobile phones.
| Several industry consortia are dedicated to putting open-source software onto
| handsets. But it looks like groups are starting to rally behind Limo as it
| pushes forward. * * * *

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