On 2008-06-12, jim wrote:
> I have been chatting with people about my frustration with getting simple
> stuff to work "out-of-the-box" with Linux.
> Things like simply plugging into a network and being able to browse XP
> folders on a peer to peer XP network (that means no server and no
> authentication needed) that are not password protected. Still don't have an
> answer to that one....


Take it to COLA.

I don't really have a "good" answer for you since I can't replicate
your problem.

All you've really done is demonstrate for those of us hat have tried
how much better Linux is about this stuff than it used to be. A "small
business user" is going to have the equivlanet of their local Linux geek
do their Windows networking stuff anyways. So it really doesn't matter if
the Linux version of SMB is spiffy and gui driven or not.

The Windows userbase is terrified of anything new to the point of
being frightened of Macs. Even relative power users and users that are
or used to be professional engineers are like this.

So your glitches (assuming they are real) don't really mean much.

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