"Mark Kent" schreef in bericht
> Roy Schestowitz espoused:

Your post is off-topic in this COLA, your violating [comp.os.linux.advocacy]
FAQ and Primer for COLA, Edition III

* The trespasser has come to COLA in order to vent his dislike of
Microsoft and/or Windows. For that purpose several newsgroups have
been created.
* alt.crimehip.microsoft.sucks
* alt.emircpih.microsoft.sucks
* alt.flame.ms-windows
* alt.h.i.p.c.r.i.m.e.microsoft.sucks
* alt.h0pcr0me.microsoft.sucks
* alt.h1pcr1me.microsoft.sucks
* alt.h2pcr2me.microsoft.sucks
* alt.hh.ii.pp.cc.rr.ii.mm.ee.microsoft.sucks
* alt.hipclone.microsoft.sucks
* alt.hipcrime.microsoft.sucks
* alt.microsoft.crash.crash.crash
* alt.microsoft.sucks
* alt.os.windows95.crash.crash.crash
* comp.misc.microsoft.sucks
* microsoft.sucks.
* sk.sux.microsoft
Fsck you arsehole troll