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Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 95

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| Ubuntu Colombian Team OpenFest
| Last Saturday, June 7th, the Colombian Ubuntu LoCo Team, along with the
| OpenSolaris Colombian Team, organized the first Free Software Festival on the
| University of San Buenaventura campus. The event featured an installfest,
| conferences, demos, workshops where the team presented the advantages of
| Ubuntu 8.04, and an overview of the LoCo team's organization and Community
| work. [WWW] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ColombianTea...penfestusb2008


Lucas Nussbaum: Ubuntu information on the Debian Package Tracking System and
the Developer Packages Overview

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| Users of Debian derivatives sometimes report bugs that are not reported in
| the Debian BTS, but that also affect Debian. It already happened a few times
| that looking at the Ubuntu bugs for my packages allowed me to fix an
| unreported bug in my Debian packages.

+Ubuntu+information+on+the+Debian+Package+Tracking +System+and+the+Developer+Packages+Overview/b7i12


Shuttleworth Acknowledges Ubuntu’s Debt to Debian

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| Historically, Debian users have shown a fair amount of jealousy towards
| Ubuntu. Martin F. Krafft, aka madduck, a well-known Debian developer, summed
| the reasons for these feelings in his analysis piece Ubuntu and Debian in May
| 2006. *
| According to Krafft, there are several major friction points between the two
| prominent Linux distributions. For example Debian “developers are largely
| unsatisfied with how Canonical/Ubuntu cooperates and ‘gives back’ to the
| Debian community. This, in turn, has lead to the “perception that
| Canonical/Ubuntu is taking advantage of Debian.” * *


Debian and Ubuntu

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| I really hope that this sheds some light on the dependency that Ubuntu has on
| Debian. And really, I would *love* to see some activism on the Ubuntu
| community’s side to give more back to the Debian project. The farther Debian
| goes, the better Ubuntu gets - they only stand to benefit.


Ubuntu giving back to Debian: facts and numbers!

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| I’ve always been annoyed by the discussions about “is Ubuntu really giving
| back to Debian?”.


The Heron takes flight

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| We all owe a great deal to the team who make Debian’s “unstable” repository
| possible, and of course to the upstream projects from GNOME and KDE through
| to the Linux kernel. We hope you will be proud of the condition in which we
| have carried your excellent work through to the users of Ubuntu.

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