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GIMP 2.5.1 Released

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| GIMP 2.5.1 is another snapshot from the 2.5 development series. It gives
| developers and interested users a view into the current development towards
| GIMP 2.6.
| Changes in GIMP 2.5.1
| =====================
| - further improvements to the status bar
| - made the center point of rectangles snap to the grid and rulers
| - improved Alpha to Logo filters
| - better cursor feedback in the Intelligent Scissors tool



Developer Preview Shows Off the GIMP's New Look

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| In the GIMP release cycle odd numbered releases are unstable, so this
| version, 2.5.0, is the first of a series of developer releases, and version
| 2.6.0 will mark the first stable release with the new features. We’ll be sure
| to let you know when that’s available.


First Look: The GIMP 2.5.0

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| The GIMP team announced today the first release from the 2.5 development
| series. It is true that this version is unstable, but a little bird told me
| to give it a try and see what's it capable of. First of all, let me tell you
| that its interface is quite redesigned and I think that some users will have
| problems adjusting with it, but that's just my two cents. On the other hand,
| version 2.5.0 of The GIMP includes some hot new features, like the
| integration of GEGL (Generic Graphics Library) which will finally get support
| for higher color depths, more colorspaces and eventually non-destructive
| editing.



Web designing with Ubuntu

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| As a freelance web designer, I really thought migrating to Ubuntu Linux will
| give me a really hard time. I never thought that Ubuntu Linux has a very good
| graphic design tool that can do what I am doing with Photoshop. Although Gimp
| is still way too different with Photoshop, I still see Gimp as a very
| powerful tool in graphic and web designing. It also possess features that
| Photoshop has.

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