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Everything You Need To Know About Firefox 3

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| Release Candidate 3 was successful in picking up and fixing Bug 436575. With
| that crisis averted, Firefox 3 has nothing but smooth sailing in front of it
| until its release date on Tuesday June 17.


An Interview with Asa Dotzler (Mozilla)

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| 1. Why name it “fox”?
| Originally, Firefox was called “m/b” a short-hand for the directory in the
| code repository where the first bits of it lived. Major code modules in
| Mozilla lived in the CVS repository under the mozilla/ directory. There was
| mozilla/xpfe where the old seamonkey browser front-end lived, mozilla/content
| where much of the rendering engine lived, mozilla/xptoolkit where widgets
| lived, etc. Firefox lived in mozilla/browser so the name was “m/b”,
| pronounced em-bee (or something like that.)
| When we got ready for the first milestone release, we knew we needed some
| sort of real name for it so we decided on “Phoenix”, the mythical bird that
| rose from the ashes alive and renewed. It just seemed to sort of fit for
| those of us working on it.
| Unfortunately, after a few milestone releases, we got an email from Phoenix
| Technologies, makers of the Phoenix BIOS (that bit of low-level stuff that
| you see before Windows starts up.). It turns out they had a browser for their
| BIOS and they didn’t like us using their name so we ended up renaming the
| browser to Firebird, a sort of derivative of “phoenix” that still fit with
| our theme of the flaming bird.
| Unfortunately, again, this was already being used by a database company and
| they asked us to change. So, we finally settled on Firefox.



Field Guide to Firefox 3

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| We’re done. Firefox 3 is going to be launched very soon. In anticipation of
| this long-awaited event, the folks in the Mozilla community have been writing
| extensively about the new and improved features you’ll see in the browser.
| The new features cover the full range from huge and game-changing to ones so
| subtle you may not notice them until you realize that using Firefox is just
| somehow easier and better. The range of improved features is similar — whole
| back-end systems have been rebuilt from scratch, while other features have
| been tweaked slightly or redesigned in small ways. Overall the result is the
| fastest, safest, slimmest, and easiest to use version of Firefox yet. We hope
| you like it.


Firefox 3 to Launch With a Bang

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| Expect this release to go off with a bang. Firefox developers and fans are
| eagerly anticipating the new browser, and they've already cooked up a number
| of ways to celebrate.
| As has been reported previously, the Firefox team wants to set a new Guinness
| World Record for the most software downloaded on a single day.

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