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EU Commish Hearts Open Software, Open Standards

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| "As new form-factors such as netbooks and MIDs (mobile Internet devices)
| bring Linux to users, they are often and largely unaware of the operating
| system. Distributions such as Ubuntu, Xandros and others have proven Linux
| can be as easy to use as Windows. Vendors are also making Linux easier to
| run, offering options to run Linux inside of Windows, alongside Windows, on
| USB and LiveCDs, so that complication/difficulty factor is changing," he
| explained.


Why Microsoft's EU problem isn't going away

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| The company has already racked up more fines than any other company in the
| history of European antitrust enforcement. Earlier this year, the EU hit
| Microsoft with a $1.3 billion penalty for failing to comply with a 2004
| antitrust ruling and for charging "unreasonable" prices to rivals seeking
| documentation for workgroup servers. In recent months, however, Microsoft has
| pushed a charm offensive. But whatever thaw it had with Kroes has proved
| short-lived.
| "There were couple times Ballmer came out beaming from meetings (with Kroes)
| thinking they had ironed out remaining issues. But Europe's a different
| animal," said Michael Cusumano, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of
| Technology's Sloan School of Management. "It's the place where the
| open-source movement originated and they don't really have any dominant
| infrastructure players. Their history is that Europe's market has been
| fractured across different countries with different laws."


There's no "open-source movement" and neither Open Source nor Free software
originated in Europe. But the 'expert' says so...


MEPs Question Microsoft's Eligibility for Gov't Projects

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| The Commission, which has not responded yet, is allowed a few weeks to reply.


EU: Europarlement testing Ubuntu, OpenOffice and Firefox

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| The European Parliament's IT department is testing the use of GNU/Linux
| distribution Ubuntu, OpenOffice, Firefox and other Open Source applications,
| the British MEP James Nicholson explained last week in a letter to Italian
| MEP Marco Cappato. *


Is Microsoft Now Banned from EU Contracts?


Euro MP thinks Microsoft should be banned from government contracts


Green MEP says Microsoft should be excluded from EU contract awarding procedure

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