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Future OS X To Be DRM Restricted?

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| For example, a patent has recently turned up from Apple for a DRM system that
| could affect where and how software is run on OS X. Before going any further,
| the very mention of these three letters (D-R-M) together in connection with
| Apple’s operating system is discouraging because we’re supposed to be looking
| towards the open future and not the closed past.


The Big Media threatened multi-billion-dollar lawsuits against them (and
Microsoft) over a year ago. They were demanding more DRM, but hopefully
they'll stay out of the Vista-like messiness.


AACS DRM tentacles reach far into operating systems

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| This is important but rarely acknowledged in these discussions (and my journo
| discussion partner was rather surprised to learn this): Apple will also have
| to adopt a strict DRM regimen at the most fundamental levels of Mac OS X in
| order to be able to (legally) play back AACS-protected Blu-ray or HD DVD
| discs (e.g., most commercial discs in those formats). Apple thus far has
| avoided criticism, but only because the company has not unveiled its full
| plans for appeasing the various requirements imposed by the AACS Licensing
| Administrator for next-gen optical disc DRM. * * * *


Vista prevents users from playing high-def content, researcher says

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| While Microsoft’s intent is to protect commercial content, home movies are
| increasingly being shot in high definition, Gutmann said. Many users are
| finding they can’t play any content if it’s considered “premium.”
| “This is not commercial HD content being blocked, this is the users’ own
| content,” Gutmann said. “The more premium content you have, the more output
| is disabled.”

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