Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> BECTA Rubbishes Almost the Entire UK Open Source Industry
> ,----[ Quote ]
> | I've written a number of times about BECTA, charting its constant
> | flip-flops on open source in schools ? sometimes damning it, sometimes
> | driving it. Like me, you've probably been increasingly confused about
> | BECTA's real attitude to free software. Well, I think we know now,
> | following the snubbing of all the most experienced UK open source
> | players in the awarding of a major contract to promote open source in
> | schools.
> `----


As I said before, their priority is to LIE LIE AND LIE AGAIN
until they drop dead. Thats so they can get the contracts and
back handers from the companies involved. Then they resign
go elsewhere having made their fortunes.
The EU is investigating them, notice, not the UK government,
because the UK government is scared of their own.