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Fennec: development of the younger brother of Firefox 3 mobile intensifies

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| Mozilla is preparing to publish the final version of the Firefox browser 3
| and began a more intensive phase of development of Firefox Mobile, which is
| expected to have a first glimpse in September.


Looks nice.

Mozilla previews Firefox Mobile

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| Mozilla Labs has posted a video preview, source code, and an online demo of
| its forthcoming mobile web browser. Code-named "Fennec" for now, Firefox
| Mobile features an innovative full-screen, finger-friendly interface with
| iPhone-like "kinetic" scrolling, and a Mac-like "expose" feature for tabs.
| [...]
| In addition to the above video preview, Mozilla Labs has released source code
| for the demo, plus a simulation that runs -- with many rough edges -- within
| a desktop version of Firefox. The concept may also be developed into a
| Firefox extension, Raskin adds.


Could IE8 incompatibilities be a boon for Firefox?

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| It also creates a "get ready" call to rival browsers, and particularly
| Mozilla's Firefox, to capitalize on Microsoft's incompatibility with


Opera's new release is mentioned in some sites that are about Linux (the
semi-Free kernel), not the GPL. It ought to be clearer that Opera is
proprietary; and it's not helpful to some.


Firefox Download Day Set

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| Mark June 17th on your calendars Firefox and open source fans. That’s the day
| when the Mozilla Corp. is going to release Firefox 3 and try to set a new
| world record for downloads of a single product in one day.



Firefox Goes Mobile

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| There's no doubt that it's getting easier to access the Web on a mobile
| device. Thanks to the iPhone and Apple's Web browser, Safari, millions of
| people feel as though they finally have the Internet in their pocket. But
| there's still a lot of work that needs to be done in order to allow for the
| kind of innovation on the mobile Web that is possible on the traditional Web,
| says Mitchell Baker, chairman of Mozilla, maker of the Firefox browser. * *


Mozilla's Chairman Confirms Progress on a New Mobile Browser

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| At the Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco today, Mozilla Chairman Mitchell
| Baker gave an address on opening the mobile web, which Webware did a nice job
| of analyzing. Many people have been wondering if Mozilla will deliver a
| version of the Firefox browser to work with the many Linux-based phones
| currently in the works, including phones based on Google's Android platform. * *
| [...]
| As I covered in a recent post on whether Linux can quickly grab a significant
| part of the mobile phone market, there are some good indications that it may.
| At the recent Mobile World Congress conference, there were more than 20 new
| mobile phones based on Linux announced, most of them using the LiMo platform. * *


Is your (mobile) browser ready for the Web?

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| I co-chair the Mobile Web Test Suites Working Group: this group aims at
| improving the interoperability of browsers on mobile devices through the
| development and the diffusion of test suites for Web technologies that work
| on mobile devices. *



Mozilla's Firefox strategy includes mobile phones

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| Baker said the company is also investigating mobile content
| services with a server component, similar to Opera Mini.


First Look at Minimo

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| I was very impressed with minimo. Actually, using minimo showed me
| that mobile net access might just work. Everyone has been predicting
| the mobile revolution but I never thought it would happen simply
| because the screen are too small and the interfaces cramped. Somehow,
| minimo sidesteps all these and it made a convert out of me.


New Mozilla mobile browser out, amid more competition

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| Minimo is designed to be an alternative to the browser that comes
| with Windows Mobile and its creators promote its speed in accessing
| sites and other features such as tabs, better security and support
| for widgets.


Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded Edition

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| To fulfil the aims of our mission and in response to the technical
| challenges that these devices pose, we are announcing the Ubuntu Mobile and
| Embedded project.

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