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Web Host Cirrus Tech Offers Ubuntu on VPS and Dedicated Server Plans

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| “Clients have been asking about Ubuntu for some time now,” explained Cirrus
| Tech’s Sales Manager, Mani Aminian. “Having concluded our testing of this OS
| on our systems, we’re happy to report that there are no issues running Ubuntu
| successfully on our servers and network.”


Parallels Desktop 5608 adds tools for Linux

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| This build adds support for guest Parallels Tools for Linux in the latest
| Linux distributions (including Ubuntu 8).



The Linux Advantage in Web Hosting

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| While companies may be drawn to the stability, savings, flexibility and
| other advantages of Linux in a Web hosting setting, they are still
| committing to a platform and road map that is far less defined when
| they choose Linux, according to Rackspace Vice President of Research
| and Development Paul Frouton. "Having a company or person to fall back
| on becomes much more important."


IGNUM Selects SWsoft Virtuozzo for Linux, Windows in the Czech Republic

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| IGNUM began offering Virtuozzo-powered VPS hosting services in
| mid-April. Two-thirds of those customers are using the Linux
| platform, while the rest are using Windows.


Linux-Based Website Beats Windows-Based Sites

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| Linux websites have better uptime and load faster than Windows-based
| websites. Research by WatchMouse, a website monitoring company, also
| shows that web server platform Apache outperforms the Microsoft IIS
| platform. Therefore, having a Linux website and an Apache web server
| platform offers the best choice for professional web pages.


Apache is the big chief in the world of web servers

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| What's it for?
| Serving web content and files sharing. Apache is an essential part
| of the Lamp (Linux, Apache, MySQL/PostgreSQL, Perl/PHP/Python)
| development stack.
| [...]
| What systems does it run on?
| Originally developed with Unix/Linux in mind, support for Windows
| and other operating systems was improved with Apache 2 in 2002 now
| around 30 are supported, including mainframe operating systems.A
| pache is the default web server in Mac OS X and Novell Netware 6.5.


Verio Looks to Expand with Linux VPS

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| Offering the option of virtual private server solutions on both Windows and
| Linux platforms can give a Web host a more competitive edge by providing
| its customers with greater selection and flexibility.

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