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> Why don't you ask MS why they won't cooperate with Linux. The only times I
> had problems was with MS sharing with Linux not Linux sharing with MS.
> I have always found it easier to share between Linux machines than between
> MS machines. Connect a MS machine to a Linux network and Linux lets MS see
> the network. Connect a Linux machine to a MS network and you have to work
> to get the MS network to let the Linux machine in.
> So is it Linux or MS?

That is an easy question to answer..
XP is old, about five years old..
If linux doesn't talk to it now it isn't because XP has changed to stop it.
It is because the developers got it to work well enough that /they/ were
satisfied and went on to do other things.

> Go preach to your own believers. :Q

You include me in this thread so now you will have to put up with the truth.

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