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>>I am running FC6 on a Dell 320 box. Kernel version 2.6.18-1-2798.fc6
>> I see the PPPoE software under sbin directory as "/sbin/pppoe-server"
>> When I typed "./sbin/pppoe-server" nothing happens (i get the prompt
>> back though). How do I make sure this service is running? Has any one
>> tried PPPoE on FC6?

> RTFM and while your at it, read the f*cking COLA FAQ too!
> 6.1 Q: What is RTFM?!
> A: This is an acronym for Read The Fuc*ing Manual. This is a common
> answer you'll get when asking for help in the Linux community.
> It's meant to make you feel inadequate while boating the Linux
> persons ego at the same time. See, Linux enthusiasts consider
> themselves to be guru like and above helping out the simple
> newbie. You have to earn your respect by spending countless
> hours becoming a kernel hacker before you're worthy of getting
> any help.
>> TIA


Please don't tell folks to RTFM unless you're going to tell them which FM
to R.