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Review: Linux Powered HP Media Vault Pro mv5150

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| The Linux OS runs from an embedded storage device and operates on a very
| simple and quite well featured Mini-ITX board with some interesting features,
| including two Sata controllers. When you first get the device, it's
| immediately ready for use and can be setup to be used as is, or you can
| configure it to do a variety of other things.
| [...]
| The unit sells for about $650 and in my opinion is well worth the price. I'm
| very pleased with the unit and while it seems oriented more to the home user
| than the office user, I see absolutely no problems with a big office using
| this unit to share files and data across their network. Certainly you could
| build an equivalent NAS yourself for a little over half the price, but you
| wouldn't get all the free extras that HP includes, plus support, plus the
| warranty, plus all the perks. You could certainly get a few, but it'd be a
| lot of hard work and the ease that a "plug and play" NAS provides you vs one
| you'd have to build and maintain yourself more than makes up for the extra
| cost.


Microsoft meanwhile 'celebrates' resolving its data corruption bug, which it
has known about for over 6 months. For the heavy lifting, *NIX is a must....

The future is bright for Linux filesystems

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| I have attempted to answer Henry Newman's contentions concerning
| high-performance I/O on GNU/Linux well enough, plus given some insight into
| the true future of Linux filesystems for massive installs.



HP offers Linux home server

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| HP has unveiled a Linux-based home media server at half the price of its
| Microsoft-based MediaSmart model.


HP Media Vault 2100 Linux Server Reviewed: One Kick-Ass Little Penguin

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| In the end, this product isn't just another NAS, but a bold statement that HP
| is making, that it doesn't have to be saddled by the rough riders of Redmond
| when it can build (license?) its own practically identical box at a lower
| cost. Now I know that there are some things that you can only do with a
| PC-like server running a full OS, but honestly, what are they? I mean, do
| most people, even die-hard server-needers, give a crap? I want to know from
| you folks: Why bother with Windows Home Server when the Linux-based
| alternatives are on the surface equally friendly, equally powerful and—oh
| yeah—half the cost? * * * *



Microsoft admits big delay on Home Server bug fix

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| Microsoft has admitted that it will not deliver a fix to a Windows Home
| Server data corruption bug it first discovered late last year until June at
| * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| the earliest. *
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^


Stay Away from Home Server Day Care

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| The problem is fundamental in several ways. Data corruption or deletion
| occurs "when certain programs are used to edit or transfer files that are
| stored on a Windows Home Server-based computer that has more than one hard
| drive," according to the Microsoft support document. So, the problems are
| with file copying and data storage—both fundamental features—and occurring in
| the likeliest of scenarios: Multiple hard drives. Surely Microsoft must have
| known that the earliest adopters would be enthusiasts? * * *
| Nine programs are associated with the data problems, seven of them from
| Microsoft. *

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