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To LXDE or not to LXDE. And much more... (it's Monday)

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| Novell is making me sick too. I happen to run on a discussion about Why is
| there no Open Source SLES?, just to notice that indeed, you can't have the
| SRPMS for SLES/SLED in free access!
| The SRPMS from ftp://forgeftp.novell.com/sledsource/ are "frozen" (as of
| release), so pretty useless.
| The page at you.novell.com/update/.../SUSE-SLES/10/rpm/src/ requires to a
| valid account (paying, that is).
| And indeed, the page Source Code of the Patches for Maintained Products says
| that "You must have a registered SUSE product with upgrade protection in
| order to access the patch source code downloads." So the sources are only
| available for paying customers!



One more thing with Novell: the EULA!One more thing with Novell: the EULA!

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| So, the most shocking part for me? The openSUSE 11.0b3 EULA.
| "The Grumpy Editor" is quoting the most relevant parts: «It must be said that
| this distribution got off on rather the wrong foot; it puts up an end-user
| license agreement which prohibits redistribution for compensation, bundling
| openSUSE with any other "offering," reverse engineering, transfer of the
| software, use in a production environment, or publishing benchmark results
| (but only if you're a software vendor). Users are required to stop using the
| software upon termination of the license, which happens after 90 days, after
| the next release, or whenever Novell says so. And, just in case one was
| considering the crime of using the release for too long: "The Software may
| contain an automatic disabling mechanism that prevents its use after a
| certain period of time, so You should back up Your system and take other
| measures to prevent any loss of files or data."»
| [...]
| Novell, the only way you can use Linux and feel like you're using Windows.
| Read the EULA before our lawyers contact you. Most important: we might
| disable your copy whenever we want. Free Trojan horse included. "Upgrade to
| SLED or to Vista" coupon available on request.


Novell joins Microsoft in Anti-Linux FUD

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| The Novell “partnership” with Microsoft has been a hot topic in Linux circles
| since it was announced a few years ago. Recently, Novell and Microsoft
| introduced a joint-marketing site to promote their collaboration.
| A few years ago, I had really high hope’s for Novell’s forays in to Linux.
| However; bad move after bad move has left me with no confidence in Novell or
| their Linux products. I can’t say I was shocked to find this work of
| misinformation touting the “benefits” of Novell over Redhat and “unpaid”
| Linux.
| Novell has this lovely chart to highlight the benefits of SUSE over “unpaid”
| Linux. “Unpaid” is a complete spin word, sounding like something Karl Rove
| cooked up in a focus group.


Mono, The Road To Hell: Final Proof

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| This is a Microsoft-branded piece of ****.
| Now, if there are still Linux users still loving Mono, and still believing
| they have anything in common with FREEDOM & Open Source, they're idiots like
| hell.
| Proofs of MALA FIDE from Microsoft's part:
| *1. NOBODY interested in a good-faith patent protection would restrict the
| *protection to the downstream recipients of a UNIQUE source — but this is
| *what Microsoft is doing!
| *2. NOBODY interested in a good-faith patent protection would restrict the
| *protection to the UNMODIFIED AND USED "AS INTENDED" ("for the intended
| *purpose") for an OPEN-SOURCE project — but this is what Microsoft is doing!
| *3. NOBODY interested in a good-faith patent protection would restrict the
| *protection in any ways. Simply imposing restrictions means WHATEVER FALLS
| Yes, this is Microsoft. Yes, this covenant is ONLY and ONLY for the benefit
| of Novell's SLED and SLES, and for the benefit of openSUSE. This is for
| people to ONLY consider openSUSE as a "safe" Linux way to use Moonlight and
| Mono, and therefore to increase the penetration of SLED/SLES as "the" Linux
| for the Enterprise.
| This is the abjection of the Microsoft-Novell fascist conspiracy.
| Have a nice day.


Novell ushers in Moonlight

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| The binary version of Moonlight does not have audio and video support
| built-in. If you want the audio and video features you have to build
| Moonlight from source using the instructions on the Mono wiki.


Shining Some Light on Microsoft's Moonlight Covenant

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| My conclusion now, after having reviewed it, is the same as I predicted. This
| is worthless and potentially harmful vapor-speak.

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