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Big Brother: Sarkozy calls for it, his government does it.

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| "I want to see everything and know everything." - Nicolas Sarkozy, 2006, on
| video-surveillance
| La Quadrature du Net (Squaring the Net) has seen the draft "Trust Online”
| Charter (FR) that the Ministry of the Interior is asking ISPs to sign by June
| 10th. The text confirms La Quadrature’s worst fears. Under the pretext of
| protecting users, the French government is attempting to put in place an
| all-encompassing Internet monitoring and filtering system. It seeks to avoid
| the usual processes of law-making, in order to impose disproportionate
| obligations on the ISPs – obligations which violate fundamental rights and
| which are contrary to the ethos of the Internet environment.


Woman claims Comcast violated privacy

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| A South Fayette woman so fed up with her cable television provider that she
| offered a body part as payment is suing the company after a copy of her
| check, including personal and financial information, wound up in cyberspace.



EU hopes for Community patent under French Presidency

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| "If there is enough political will, I am confident of having a solution soon,
| maybe even under the French Presidency," Vijzak stated.


The Struggles of France's Three Strikes Law

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| As 2008 began, the international music industry was proudly predicting the
| dawning of a new age of co-operation between rightsholders, Internet
| companies and governments. The dynamic new President of France, Nicolas
| Sarkozy, together with Denis Olivennes, the head of France's largest consumer
| electronics and media retailer, had announced a new policy of "graduated
| response" for the French Net. Users accused of repeated copyright
| infringement online would be first warned, then suspended from the online
| world, and finally banned for a year if they did not tow the line. Music
| industry representatives heralded it as a model that should be imitated
| across the globe: in IFPI's 2008 report, its CEO John Kennedy said this was
| the year that "ISP responsibility" for protecting the music industry "becomes
| a reality".
| Six months on from the original Olivennes report, with growing objections
| across Europe, collapsing support for Sarkozy's administration at home, and
| still no "three strikes" law on any statute books, the entertainment industry
| is getting a little antsy. Last week, the French RIAA, le Syndicat national
| de l'édition phonographique (SNEP), announced a deadline to Sarkozy's
| ministers.


Sarkozy’s broadband tax plan snagged by Eurocrats

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| THE EU COMMISSION has warned that France’s quest for universal internet
| access would be hampered by a presidential proposal to tax broadband usage. *
| The plan is to supplement the licence fee for public broadcast television and
| radio which has a funding shortfall due to the decision to abolish
| advertising in order to 'raise standards'. *
| Speaking in Paris this week, EU Telecoms Commissioner Viviane Reding,
| condemned President Sarkozy’s proposal arguing it contradicted his own
| ambition to make broadband available to all French people. *


Sarkozy intervenes in France to revert the OOXML position

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| Confidential sources say that President Sarkozy has intervened himself in the
| French position on Microsoft OOXML, asking members of the committee to revert
| their position, and support an abstention. Our sources say he was approached
| by a lobbyist during his 3-days trip in England. The intervention has been
| made on Friday. * *


Europe rejects plan to criminalize file-sharing

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| France's so-called Oliviennes strategy to combat copyright abuse includes
| a "three strikes and you are out" approach: offenders lose the right to an
| Internet account after being caught sharing copyright-protected music over
| the Internet for a third time. *


Sweden Rejects Sarkozy’s War on File Sharing

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| French President Nicolas Sarkozy wants to disconnect European file sharers
| from the Internet. The idea is already in the process of being realized in
| France, and will according to Sarkozy be a step toward “a civilized Internet”
| where ISPs watch the information that their customers exchange. *



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| [Nicolas] Sarkozy and his family have been vacationing at
| a lakefront estate in Wolfeboro owned by former Microsoft Corp. executive
| Michael Appe.


Fran Nevrkla Identifies a Copyright Gap

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| The support for Commissioner McCreevy came from the French President Nicolas
| Sarkozy. Soon after taking office, he set up a commission, led by the head of
| the major retail chain FNAC, to look into copyright and the creative
| industries. Alongside recommendations on ISP responsibility, the commission
| proposed extending copyright and this will be on the agenda when the French
| Government assumes the Presidency of the European Union in July this year. * *


Is Sarko Uxorious?

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| What this neglects to take into account is the fact that falling into the
| public domain is a gain for the public - and hence the actual moment when it
| becomes part of the "national pop heritage" - and that the gain vastly
| outweighs any minimal effect it has on ageing rockers' royalties.
| Unfortunately, with this action, as with others (including the "three strikes
| and you're out" approach to fighting filesharing), Sarkozy shows himself to
| be an old man - however young his new wife may be. * * *

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