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FLOSSInclude, a European project to foster open source international

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| FLOSS is arguably one of the best examples of open, collaborative,
| internationally distributed production and development that exists today.
| With partners around the globe, the FLOSSInclude project will develop a
| roadmap for international cooperation to realise the potential of FLOSS as a
| tool for social and economic development.
| Free/Libre/Open Source Software (FLOSS) holds great potential for developing
| countries. FLOSS uses open standards, avoiding lock-in and allowing for
| flexible solutions. Programs can easily be translated into local languages.
| The international developers' community acts as a free-of-charge training
| environment.


A Technological Singularity: What are the Implications for Free Software?

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| Human beings are conservative with a small c. Managing change is stressful at
| the best of times and coping with the exponential changes wrought by a
| Singularity may generate forces that are potentially destructive and may
| create paradigms that simply obliterate conventional software models and blur
| distinctions between free and proprietary software. Even if talk of a/the
| singularity is strictly nerd rapture it helps to focus on the here and now as
| well as the unknowable future(s). The price of freedom is, as the saying has
| it, eternal vigilance and right now in the digital realm it is people like
| Richard Stallman, Eben Moglen, Laurence Lessig and the Free Software
| Foundation (FSF) and similar people and bodies that are the ones really at
| the front of the march carrying the banners for freedom and privacy. It isn’t
| turtles all the way down. It’s politics. You can be as insularly techy as you
| want, but take your eye off the larger picture even for an instant and you
| might be waking up to a future. Your future. Owned by someone else. The
| future’s not set. There’s no fate but what we make for ourselves.



French National Assembly switches to Linux

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| Linux, OpenOffice and Firefox favoured
| [...]
| One deputy in favour of the move is Bernard Carayon, commissioned by
| the Prime Minister earlier this year to report on how European
| businesses could play a greater role in developing global industrial
| standards, in order to reduce Europe's economic dependance on other
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| regions.

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