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Walter Bender Discusses Sugar Labs Foundation

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| I can only speculate as to what was meant by the
| characterization “open-source fundamentalist”. I suppose it was said in the
| mistaken belief that I am more interested in advancing the cause of free and
| open-source software (FOSS) than improving the tools for learning. In terms
| of learning, I am steadfast in my belief that we need to be fostering the
| appropriation of knowledge, not just access to it. We should provide tools
| that skew the odds towards appropriation, without being proscriptive. For
| example, you could give a child a book as a PDF file or in a Wiki format. In
| both cases, the child can read the book. But the choice of representation
| does make a difference: the chances that the child will add a comment to a
| PDF file, which is read-only, are much less than to a Wiki page, which has
| built-in affordances for annotation.


Portrait: Pia Waugh

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| "Technology-wise I think we will see a lot more Web-centric projects, more
| collaboration tools, and the application of FOSS methodologies applied in new
| and interesting ways. I think we are seeing a huge wakeup from the
| mainstream, and people looking for something different, so we'll likely see
| more tools for non-technical end users. I believe the concept of the commons
| will permeate not only the ICT sector but many others, and this will
| hopefully have a profound impact on everything from research methodologies to
| education."


Open Source Developers: Fabio Marzocca

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| Fabio Marzocca of the Baobab fame, is an Italian Ubuntu-developer with an
| amazing background, ranging from being a technical writer by an historic
| Italian magazine named Mc Microcomputer to developing a program for music
| composing, known as the Muzical Wizard.



Linux start-up Sugar Labs in informal talks with four laptop makers

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| Sugar Laboratories, Inc. is now in informal discussions with four ultra-low
| cost laptop manufacturers about the possibility of running its Linux software
| on their hardware, according to the new company's founder.

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