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Paging Dr. Tux

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| So here's what I'd like to see happen: all of this new UMPC/netbook
| technology that's making the headlines right now is great stuff. I love it,
| and am contemplating picking up such a device for myself. How cool would it
| be if a project could come together to adapt one of the mobile Linux
| platforms into something insanely stable and able to communicate with the
| hospitals from the field?
| On the flip-side, build a cluster of Linux machines that could immediately
| pull in and index all of the data being sent in from the field devices:
| images, data, voice. One box talking to the hospital, with screens of
| information coming in to let nurses and doctors make faster decisions about
| how to treat the patient.
| I think about things like that, and think about them running Linux so they're
| cheaper, faster, and more secure right out of the box, and I wonder how such
| a thing might get started.


Ending the Hardware/Software Rat Race

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| It's not hard to see why. The mini-laptop that started it all, the Asus Eee
| PC, shipped with Linux pre-installed, and many of the new machines are likely
| to take the same road. In fact, some PC makers are reportedly so enamored
| with Linux that the news of an XP option might fall on deaf ears. This is a
| fascinating development, and with any luck it could be the start of a
| promising new trend.
| [...]
| Be that as it may, however, these new Linux-powered PCs are definitely ones
| to watch. For one thing, running Linux means the PC makers must come up with
| their own, custom UIs to make it easier for new users to access their
| software. Asus has already been fairly successful at this with the Eee PC. If
| the other manufacturers follow suit with new and creative ideas of their own,
| this could give desktop Linux a long-awaited shot in the arm.
| More importantly, if the PC manufacturers are so successful with their
| Linux-powered devices that they can convince Microsoft to change the tune
| that it's been piping with Vista, we could be in for some very exciting
| computing times, indeed.



Microsoft worried over Linux ULPCs

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| An un-named Microsoft official quoted in the original article claims that
| manufacturers currently offering Linux on their low-cost devices “have made
| some good inroads with open-source, and Microsoft wants to put a stop to it.”

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