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Linux gOS Space 2.9: A personal review

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| I won't be writing on the installation part as it's quite simple to perform
| and is no different from the ones on Ubuntu or PCLinuxOS (they all install
| using almost similar GUIs nowadays :-) ). Once successfully installed (I'm
| dual-booting with Windows XP btw and was automatically recognized by
| GRUB :-) ), I enabled the Restricted Drivers under System -> Administration
| so that I could use my Wifi card and also my nVidia graphics card. The
| drivers were downloaded automatically via the net and was hassle-free. After
| that, I turned on Compiz and could enjoy the gorgeous 3D desktop interface
| that's famous with most Linux distros.


Ultimate Edition 1.8

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| Ultimate Edition (formerly known as Ubuntu Ultimate Edition) was apparently
| started as a re-packaging of Ubuntu for Christmas, odd as that may sound. I
| don't know all the details behind it (and the website doesn't say much), but
| I'd imagine it somehow inolved elves.
| Since then it's become an odd sort of amalgamation of programs based on the
| latest Ubuntu and the software preferences of the maintainers. I was
| intrigued by this distro despite having a website that scorches the eyes, so
| I decided to try it out.



gOS (Linux) Usability Review

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| Minimalist to the End. I’m not one for bloated applications, so it was fairly
| easy to appreciate some of the benefits that gOS and its use of enlightenment
| have to provide. The desktop themes, while a bit bright for my taste, were
| polished with a clean feeling. Once you get used to the crazy little dock,
| you will find that with a little tweaking, it can be rather pleasant to use.
| But the key thing that I found with the distro was just how responsive it
| was. I was impressed by its speed. And I suppose, one has to thank the
| minimalist approach to design for that feature.


The Perfect Desktop - gOS Rocket G 2.0 (GNOME)

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| This tutorial shows how you can set up a gOS Rocket G 2.0 (GNOME) desktop
| that is a full-fledged replacement for a Windows desktop, i.e. that has all
| the software that people need to do the things they do on their Windows
| desktops. The advantages are clear: you get a secure system without DRM
| restrictions that works even on old hardware, and the best thing is: all
| software comes free of charge. gOS is a lightweight Linux distribution, based
| on Ubuntu 7.10, that comes with Google Apps and some other Web 2.0
| applications; gOS Rocket G 2.0 uses the GNOME desktop.



Ultimate 1.4 DVD

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| This release is a major milestone in the "Ultimate" series of distrubutions
| or distros for short; starting from this version forward upgrading from 1.4
| to 1.5 etc. will be a click of the mouse away and without downloading 2GB
| every time. * *


Ubuntu Ultimate Edition 1.1 Screenshots

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