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Review: The Linux Powered Nokia N810 Internet Tablet

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| For many years people have been looking for a simple and efficient way to
| take the internet with them. First there was laptops, but those were too big.
| Then came phones and PDA's, but those were too small, and too feature lean.
| But now that is all history thanks to Nokia's new N810 Internet Tablet! But
| what are some of the things that make this device so special? Actually, quite
| a lot. So let's go have a look and see what it has to offer you.
| [...]
| The N810 is also surprisingly customizable, so you're not stuck with what
| someone else thinks your internet tablet should be. You can make it whatever
| you want it to be. Now while the N810 sells for a bit more than I would like
| ($450 last I checked) it's well worth every penny. And another thing about it
| that fascinates me is that even though I've spent a lot of time exploring it,
| there's still so much there that I'm still discovering new stuff all the
| time. And don't get hooked on the idea that the N810 is a super PDA, because
| it's so much more.


Linux might soon be coming to their phones as well, even though they deny this.


Nokia eyes wider usage of Linux in cellphones

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| "It's going to be terribly important," Nokia's Chief Financial Officer Rick
| Simonson told an investor conference when asked about the role of Linux-based
| tablets.
| He said the company has been developing the next generation of Linux-based
| products, which are starting to come to the market.


Nokia "definitely" preparing Linux-based phones, flavor unknown


Nokia: Linux to become more popular on Mobile Devices


Leaked Version of Nokia Internet Tablet OS Shows Minor Updates

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| Diablo will be the next version of Nokia's Maemo Linux operating system.
| Previously thought of as a considerable operating system overhaul,


Nokia looks beyond Symbian to Linux

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| With a 47.9 percent stake in Symbian, the leading mobile platform that it
| co-founded in 1998 and which today powers some 206 million mobile phones,
| Nokia has long championed it at the expense of rival platforms such as Linux.
| No longer.
| The mobile-phone maker is increasingly selecting Linux for Internet-enabled
| mobile devices, with its CFO declaring of Linux, "It's going to be terribly
| important."


Nokia embraces Ubuntu OS

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| Nokia’s Internet Tablet devices are set to get a port of the Linux operating
| system Ubuntu, following the release of the latest ‘Hardy Heron’ v8.04 of
| Ubuntu this week. *


Nokia adds Qt to Maemo

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| The announcement, first posted on Apr. 15, may be available here, with a
| Google cache here. Meanwhile, a community developer has already managed to
| port KDE to Nokia N8xx tablets. And, Nokia is actively porting Ubuntu to ARM.
| All in all, it looks like device and desktop software will continue to
| converge.


Ubuntu Coming to Nokia N800-Series Internet Tablets

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| The Nokia N800 and N810 Internet Tablets are wonderful little devices,
| because they give you virtually the same online experience as a laptop but in
| a much smaller form factor. The operating system on these handhelds, however,
| is starting to get a little dated. We already know that Nokia isn't going to
| make the leap to Windows Mobile or OS X, so it's time to turn over to Linux.


Nokia Calls for Openness

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| Speaking as the lunch keynote at The Mobile Future, a day-long conference
| sponsored by Carnegie Mellon and the University of California at Berkeley ,
| Iannucci laid out his thoughts on how his industry has to change in order to
| spur the next generation of mobile demand. *
| Openness, of course, refers to having standard platforms that applications
| developers can work on; the Android platform from Google would be one
| example. (See Now Wait for Android.) *
| [...]
| But openness is going to be necessary, because it's the mobile industry's
| best shot at discovering the applications that will drive the next wave of
| wireless demand. The agony of debugging an application across a couple dozen
| phone models is enough to scare away would-be developers, Iannucci said. *


Qt to be supported in addition to GTK+

,----[ Quote ]
| Nokia will introduce Qt to the maemo platform in addition to GTK+. The plan
| is in the earliest stage and recruitment offers for Qt/C++ developers will
| pop up soon. Don't expect any Qt application developed by Nokia for the
| tablets anytime soon, though. The first actual step will be the distribution
| of the Qt libraries for application development in maemo.org during 4Q2008.

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