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How Linux saved my life

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| Have you ever been in a situation where you realised the frailty of your own
| existence? It happened to me. I sat thinking this is the end of the line but
| how little did I realise that I had a saviour alongside me in the form of the
| free open source operating system called Linux.



When in doubt, install Linux...

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| The reason I installed Ubuntu was because I've been doing some reading about
| deployment to servers for Rails apps and have learned that Windows pretty
| much sucks for these purposes. Every solution is a hack of something else. So
| instead of trying to make things work, I'll just use Ubuntu and be able to
| use Capistrano easily to deploy my apps. Good times. * *



Gentoo Founder: Your Choices with Gentoo

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| If you don't like the way Gentoo is going and are feeling the urge to switch
| distros, consider Sabayon Linux. Sabayon is a desktop-oriented Gentoo with
| great hardware support. Too bloated, you say? Geared towards desktop users,
| you say? Well, did you know that Fabio added a base "stage3+" gui-less
| install image to the latest 3.4 build of Sabayon, which is basically an
| enhanced vanilla Gentoo? And this basic install is even a more recent build
| than 2007.0. If you're sick of Gentoo the organization but not comfortable
| leaving Gentoo the distro, make a statement by using the Sabayon base install
| and help to make it a long-term viable alternative to Gentoo proper. Let
| people know that you are using Sabayon, not Gentoo. Sure, Sabayon is a
| derivative of Gentoo, but it's also separated enough that there is an
| opportunity to do something new. * * * * * *


The Disconnect That Could Fail Thousands

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| Knowing that this isn't right, I thumb thru the seventy or so Live CD disks I
| have and grab the one I know that gets this right...but wait. It only trails
| Ubuntu in the Distrowatch lineup by a few hundred hits...what about, oh, I
| don't know...let's try something obscure...let's go down the line a bit.
| Let's see who is well down the list there...It needs to be a debian distro,
| something that doesn't get too much publicity...Oh, let's try this. * *
| DreamLinux.
| Upon firing it up and doing an immediate install, imagine my surprise.
| Without so much as having to install KdiskFree or any other third party
| disk/file manager, whaddaya know...there are my drives and files. I then
| install KDE since DreamLinux is an Xfce environment by design. Yep, a click
| on the /mnt/ file shows all my drives right there... *


Linux saves the special day!

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| Thanks Linux! You saved the day and turned a Windows disaster into a Linux
| win!


Why I love Linux

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| I have Vista and two distros of Linux (Ubuntu, Gentoo) in regular use -- and
| Vista, bless it, brutally murdered its XP predecessor during install, and so
| I had been forced to migrate sooner. And as it happens, the answer as to why
| Vista killed XP all those months ago was answered through this experience. *

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