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KDE 4.0.5 Release Announcement

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| The KDE Community today announced the immediate availability of KDE 4.0.5,
| the fifth bugfix and maintenance release for the latest generation of the
| most advanced and powerful free desktop. KDE 4.0.5 is the fourth monthly
| update to KDE 4.0. It ships with a basic desktop and many other packages;
| like administration programs, network tools, educational applications,
| utilities, multimedia software, games, artwork, web development tools and
| more. KDE's award-winning tools and applications are available in 49
| languages.


PCLinuxOS Magazine June 2008 Released

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| PCLinuxOS Magazine, June 2008 (Issue 22) is available to download.


Days ago:

KDE 4 Progress: New plasmoids, Akonadi, KRunner and more

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| In spite of fragmentary information about changes, that I’ve published since
| my last insight (like the Amarok 2 visual changelog), I’ve decided after all
| to gather them all in
| one place. Hence, I invite you to the next insight of KDE 4. The revision of
| the day is 811150.


Last week:

Screencast: Showing Off KDE 4.1

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| KDE 4.1, which is supposed to become the KDE4 version usable by 'normal'
| people, is coming at the end of July. When Ars reviewed the beta release,
| they were positive in that it was moving forward at an "extraordinary pace".
| Despite the positive notions in the news, many seem to have problems actually
| seeing all the new stuff being done in KDE4 - just like how people fail to
| see the massive amount of work put into Vista. KDE developer Rafael Fernandez
| Lopez (I'm sorry for the lack of diacritical marks, an OSNews bug we're
| working on) decided to put together a screencast showing off all the new
| stuff coming in KDE 4.1.

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