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>> Australia. Google used Microsoft Office to create their anonymous 38 page
>> citizen compliant.

> How do we know they used Office? We know the filename ended in .doc,
> but other word processors support .doc. It is the de facto standard
> format. Heck, right now, on my Mac, I could author a .doc format
> document using:

From the meta-data we know that the original name of the document was -
"Microsoft Word - 204481916_1_ACCC Submission by Google re eBay

The "Microsoft Word" part of the document name is why I believe they used
MS-Word. Of course it's possible that they used something else and simply
decided to name the document "Microsoft Word....." but it's more likely that
MS-Word was actually used.

Also, the document would have orginated from Google's legal department. It
wasn't written by some engineer who writes code for the search engine, but
rather by lawyers. I would be very surprised if Google's legal department
used anything other than Microsoft Office to ensure 100% compatibility with
the various people and agencies they work with.

> Word from Office
> NeoOffice or OpenOffice
> Pages
> TextEdit
> A person writing on Linux would have a similarly rich choice of tools to
> author a .doc document with.
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