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Review: Ubuntu on the Eee PC

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| If what we're hearing in the trade sites is correct, the brand new
| ultra-mobile Eee PC 901 will be released in the next few days. However, the
| price point is supposed to be close to the $650 mark, which is a far cry from
| the sub-$400 sweet spot of the 701. Still, I'm eying that one carefully for
| my road kit, given how well my own 701 has performed. This is a little
| follow-up to my original mini-review.


Atom-based Eee PC 901 pops June 3rd with Bluetooth for $650

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| To be fair, it could be that the $650 Eee PC 901 model runs XP and the
| Linux-based Eee PC 901 will sell for (a lot) less -- the XP-flavor of the MSI
| Wind costs between $500 and $549.



Easiest Install EVER - Linux Ubuntu Desktop

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| I think I was asked to enter my username and password, my name, then choose
| the nearest city for time zone and select my keyboard layout. *I installed it
| in VMWare fusion. *It launched immediately, and told me there are updates to
| install. *OK.


Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) on the Eee PC

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| First of all, I was amazed at how much stuff worked right away. I didn’t have
| to install the 915resolution package to get the screen resolution correct.
| The little up-and-down scroll on the trackpad worked. Desktop Effects were on
| and working without having to do anything (I promptly turned them off—I
| prefer metacity). Sound worked. The brightness hotkeys worked. I did notice
| that (considering I have 1 GB of RAM on my Eee) the live session took a
| really long time to load up… even though it was snappy once loaded up. That
| first part with the little dots after vmlinuz took at least two minutes.


Ubuntu 8.04 on an ASUS EEEPC 900

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| I love working on my ASUS EEEPC 900 under Ubuntu 8.04, it is far more
| customisable and mature -, but I have not totally banished the
| factory-installed Xandros OS since I need it for internet access. GRUB allows
| for for dual booting and should be best installed last.




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| This morning I installed eeeXubuntu on the solid state disk of the little
| Eee. It's pretty cool. The default Xandros in advanced mode was okay, but it *
| was also a bit limiting. Honestly, I've not had the greatest experiences with
| Xandros, and was a little nervous about enabling repositories that weren't
| necessarily for Xandros... or at least the watered-down version of Xandros
| the Eee runs. * *


eeeXubuntu booting great from SDHC on Asus eeePC

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| I blew away XP on my eeePC and restored the original Xandros - great little
| OS in Easy Mode with iceWM. I also enabled advanced mode (a full KDE desktop)
| using pimpmyeee.sh (Google it - its a no-brainer quick way to enabled KDE).
| You can switch back and forth nice and easily.


Continued Impressions of Ubuntu 7.10 on the EeePC

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| Someone asked me today how Ubuntu was working on the EeePC. It’s working
| great! I thought I might share some of my experiences so far, after a bit
| more use. If you are interested in installing Ubuntu 7.10 on your EeePC head
| on over to the Ubuntu Community Wiki and find out how!


The Evolution of an Ubuntu EeePC

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| Enter Ubuntu on the EeePC. Not only did it install quickly and easily on the
| miniature hardware, but it seems to be the first Linux distro that actually
| works on par with a modern OS like OSX. Once the core OS was installed, all
| it took was the help of the “ubuntu-eee” script which tweaked the UI,
| installed updated wifi drivers, and performed a number of optimizations.
| After a quick reboot, everything was up and running smoothly.

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