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This is a discussion on [News] Distributed Computing with GNU/Linux - Linux ; -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 Crystal Ball Sunday #3: Distributed Computing in the Workplace ,----[ Quote ] | You may be asking how Linux will fit into this corporate distributed | computing scenario. Linux, most likely, will be the ...

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Thread: [News] Distributed Computing with GNU/Linux

  1. [News] Distributed Computing with GNU/Linux

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    Crystal Ball Sunday #3: Distributed Computing in the Workplace

    ,----[ Quote ]
    | You may be asking how Linux will fit into this corporate distributed
    | computing scenario. Linux, most likely, will be the platform of choice to
    | manage the LAN resource cloud. Linux is used for the large compute clusters
    | in research laboratories worldwide and has a long history in this area. Linux
    | will also most likely be the Desktop platform due to its more efficient use
    | of resources even when a window manager like GNOME or KDE is used.


    Don't buy any download accelerator

    ,----[ Quote ]
    | In any case, if you didn't know what a download accelerator is, now you know.
    | But after the Vista fiasco, plenty of people are moving to Linux, specially
    | since there has been a plethora of consumer-friendly distros lately, like the
    | popular Ubuntu.
    | [...]
    | Downloading OpenOffice in a handful of minutes instead of half an hour and
    | saturating your 5Mbit ADSL link? Great. Doing so without having to spend a
    | dime. Priceless!.


    Days ago:

    Linux Nightlife Wants You to Come Out and Play

    ,----[ Quote ]
    | Linux not only wants to dominate the Data Center and your Desktop but now it
    | wants your unused CPU power as well. Nightlife is a grid-based computing
    | effort that is Fedora Linux-specific.



    Microsoft underscores the fallacies of Microsoft's distributed computing

    ,----[ Quote ]
    | The fundamental difference between Microsoft and Linux in general is due to
    | motivation. Microsoft's was draconian, while Linux was honorable. Microsoft
    | was intent on tightening the screws in their system making sure that you have
    | rendered unto Microsoft your tax (the price) of their software, while the
    | Linux problem was an honest (though very unfortunate) mistake where the
    | developers were trying to improve the software, but failed. I don't know how
    | you feel, but I take no great comfort in the fact that because of Microsoft's
    | greed the full operation of my paid-for copy of Microsoft software is at the
    | mercy of a less than perfect vendor on the other end of a less than reliable
    | network. I can fix a bug like the xorg bug, but I can't fix a bug like the
    | Microsoft bug unless I just replace it with an alternative and remove all
    | those negative critical dependencies. * * * * *



    Cleversafe Launches DSGrid File System

    ,----[ Quote ]
    | The Cleversafe project, developers of the world's first open source
    | Dispersed Storage software, has launched a new open source project, called
    | the DSGrid File System (dsgfs), to allow a dispersed storage grid to appear
    | as a mountable file system for Linux-based software applications.
    | [...]
    | ...Using the dsgfs, users will be able to seamlessly store data on
    | the Cleversafe Research Storage Grid, on a commercial grid or on a grid
    | they build themselves. dsgfs initially will support various versions
    | of Linux, including Debian, Fedora and CentOS.
    | "This new project means that most Linux-based applications will now be
    | able to seamlessly take advantage of the benefits of dispersed storage,
    | which include security, reliability and privacy,? said John Quigley,
    | dsgfs project lead. "Cleversafe is inviting organizations and individualst
    | o freely participate in the project."

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