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UBUNTU Studio Revisited

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| As a side note, there is another advantage of Linux desktops, that I have
| noticed. If you install multiple languages on the PC, then you can boot in
| which ever language you want. This is nice for me, because I sometimes have
| people that need to use my PC that only speak Spanish. In that case I can
| sign out and sign back in with the language changed to Spanish and all
| applications and all menus are now in Spanish. Each user of the PC can have
| their sign on to use whatever language they want. How neat is that!
| This would actually be a good thing for schools here in Panama that want the
| students to learn better English. The PC could be brought up in whichever
| language is most appropriate. You can’t do that with a Windows PC. I don’t
| know if a Apple PC allows a multiple languages option or not.
| This would be a good display option for PC stores in Panama that wanted to
| demonstrate Linux in both languages. It might even open up a new market for
| them.


In KDE, for quite some time in fact, it has been possible to work with
different languages in different applications at the same time.


OSS apps keep up to date in SA's 11 languages

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| In celebration of International Mother Tongue Language Day on
| February 21 Translate.org.za has relaunched updated versions
| of all their mother tongue software in all 11 of South
| Africa's languages.


New Linux version supports 10 Indian languages

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| Mr Nandu Pradhan, Red Hat India's President and Managing Director,
| explained that Release 5 had doubled the Indian language support to
| 10 languages - a case of fortuitous timing in the light of the
| government's budget-day announcement of sharply increasing monetary
| support for e-governance initiatives at the Centre and the States.


Firefox 2 speaks Afrikaans

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| Translated into more than 41 languages, Firefox 2 is available in a native
| language version for more people around the world than any other Web
| browser.

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