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Plat’Home : The Palm Size Linux Server

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| What makes this little device great is it’s ultimate placement flexibility,
| it could fixed on walls, radars, airships, hell if you want to you can fix it
| under your sink!



Japan's Plat'Home launching palm-sized Linux server in U.S.

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| Part of the first ecology-friendly line of Linux servers ever shipped in the
| United States, Plat'Home's OpenBlockS server has been built and tested to
| provide enterprise-grade reliability in its RISC-based hardware, and has
| eliminated moving parts including a hard disk drive and cooling fan. It is
| also RoHS-certified, a European Union directive meaning that it's free of
| lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, and other damaging materials. * * *


Open source: Made in Japan?

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| I talked with Jesse Casman and Craig Oda of PageOne PR upon their return from
| Japan and got a very different picture on the Japanese open-source market.
| There's Takashi Iwai, for example, currently one of the top-10 contributors
| to the Linux kernel. And then there's Yukihiro ("Matz") Matsumoto, the chief
| designer of the Ruby programming language, of course. There's Plat'Home, the
| company that introduced Linux in Japan in 1993 (yes, 1993!), did a successful
| IPO in Japan in 2000, and currently ships microservers based on their own mix
| of Linux and BSD that fit in the palm of your hand. There's Turbolinux and
| Miracle Linux, as well. * * * *

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