I'm running a little AlphaPC 164LX-based workstation. As I'm currently
learning the OpenGL language, my choice was for a genuine ATI Radeon
7500 PCI card, in order to have 3D hardware acceleration through DRI.

Although the Red Hat Linux 7.2 GNOME OpenGL screensavers run smoothly,
real OpenGL applications are unusable. For example, the SPECviewperf
6.1.1 testsuite ends with geometric means varying from 0.157 to 3.042
(depending on the tests) where the same workstation (except that the
Radeon has to be replaced by a Digital PowerStorm 4D60T since it is not
supported by the following OSes) gives geometric means varying from
1.413 to 18.14 under Windows NT 4.0 Workstation and roughly the same
results under Tru64 V5.1.

Are these weak OpenGL performances due to the Mesa OpenGL
implementation, the DRI drivers, the graphics adapter itself or a
configuration problem?

Is there anybody out there also running Tru64 V5.1B on its Alpha
hardware? Since it supports the Radeon 7500 out-of-the-box, we could
have a perfect hardware-independant comparison.

Any comments and/or suggestions appreciated.


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