I recently installed soundblaster awe64 isa to my Miata.
Tried straight with kernel 2.4.23 oss drivers, and they did what I
expected, only onboard ESS detected.

So I installed ALSA drivers, but afterall I get ESS up and working but
Soundblaster doesn't do anything.
Driver don't find SB AWE neither SB16 driver doesn't find anything.
I tried several IRQ/PORT/DMA options for it but no luck.

Also disabling ESS from AlphaBIOS doesn't do anything, ESS is still
detected maybe that option works for WinNT but no Linux.

And there's also problem with ESS, when playing mp3/wav/eg. files, it
sounds correct but when I play video files (avi,mpg...) I get crackled
Sometime ago I get (different hardware) similar when there was IRQ
conflicts but it still doesn't sound good if I change IRQ to another.

And don't know should SB be detected by isapnptools, pnpdump doesn't find

Debian Unstable, kernel 2.4.23.
Miata PWS600a.
Onboard ESS & SB AWE 64 ISA (not gold)