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GIMP 2.4.6 Released

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| GIMP 2.4.6 is a bug-fix release in the stable 2.4 series. No new features are
| being added here, just bug-fixes.


SaxenOS goes PCLinuxOS

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| SaxenOS from Germany once based on Slackware and Zenwalk-based distribution
| with the Xfce desktop and designed for older, low-specification computers
| adopts PCLinuxOS as its base and Xfce desktop


My SaxenOS 2008

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| Over all SaxenOS 2008 looks promising and quite stable at this early beta
| stage and I am sure it will be robust and stable enough once it reaches to
| the final version.



SaxenOS [Linux] 2.0 is released

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| The SaxenOS 2 iso image is now down to a 534 MB size and needs
| about 1.7 GB space on the target partition plus of course the
| space for home directories and temporary/log files - so a 2 GB
| partition size is still the minimum. Check the download page to
| grab it.


SaxenOS and SimplyMEPIS - bumps in the middle of the road

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| SaxenOS 2.0 Beta 1
| [...]
| I've always liked STX and can say I believe I like SaxenOS even better.
| It's still wonderful for older hardware and now with 2.0 it is easier
| to install and use. It's always fast, stable, and fairly complete. I
| feel like the version bump perhaps should have come at the beginning
| of this development cycle due to the massive interface changes, so
| it is definitely justified now.
| [...]
| SimplyMEPIS 6.5 Beta 5
| [...]
| Despite KDE still being version 3.5.3 and much of the same software
| is offered, the updated look and feel as well as the X server and
| promise of Beryl does seem to justify a version bump mid-cycle
| for SimplyMEPIS.


SaxenOS 1.1 rc2

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| All apps opened quickly and functioned very well. I found the
| software choices ample and intuitive. I think it could be "prettied"
| up a bit more, but as it is, it isn't distracting and leaves plenty
| of room for personal customization. I congratulate Stibs et.al.
| for the wonderful progress and 1.1 looks like it's going to be a
| great release. I encourage all to try it out, especially if you
| are a slack or xfce fan.

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