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Analysis: Mozilla Songbird Does Music, But Can It Be A Hit?

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| There is a something innately organic about Mozilla and Mozilla-based
| applications. Perhaps it's the fact that they are developed as open-source in
| a veritable tech commune where code is readily shared and constantly
| evolving.
| Mozilla's most popular offering is the Firefox browser, trailing Internet
| Explorer as the Web browser of choice. Mozilla's e-mail and news client,
| Thunderbird, has made some noise in the tech world as well.
| There have been a number of apps spawned from the Mozilla ideology, and while
| not part of the Mozilla application suite per se, they do utilize the Mozilla
| framework of being open-source and cross-platform. Songbird is one such app.
| Songbird 0.5 is the Mozilla counterpart to Apple's iTunes and has recently
| been released in final version.


Burn Your CDs and DVDs! K3b Review

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| The latest stable K3b version is 1.0.5 and you can get it from the official
| website. Work is also in progress for the KDE4 port, which is scheduled to be
| the next release, 1.1.
| As a conclusion, K3b has all the tools you need, it does its job very well,
| is mature and stable, and development started at the KDE4 port. K3b is
| definitely one of the best Linux burner applications out there.



The LXer Interview: Sebastian Kügler of KDE

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| If you ever want a glimpse of how much Sebastian Kügler does around KDE just
| subscribe to the kde-promo e-mail list which is as busy as it is effective,
| and that is just one of the many tasks that he is charged with. In his time
| with KDE, Sebastian has witnessed and helped facilitate some of the most
| sweeping changes the organization has ever seen. In our Interview we talk
| about those changes and more. * *


Burning CDs/DVDs in Linux with K3B

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| All in all, I see little room for massive improvement in K3b. It is a
| very solid program, has not crashed on me in the year or two I've been
| using it, and has pretty much been able to handle whatever files or
| formats I've thrown at it.


Burn Baby Burn

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| MS: Are you the sole developer?
| ST: Not completely. There have been some contributors over the years,
| but only one is still left: Christian Kvasny, who does the VideoCD
| project and VideoCD ripping. Apart from that, basically, all the code
| was written by me since most of the things other people contributed over
| the years have been re-implemented.
| I am not completely sure why it is that K3b has so few developers.
| Maybe because it is hard to work with me on K3b. I am quite protective
| of my code and the K3b design. I think I've scared some away.

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