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Sun xVM VirtualBox Breaks Five Million Download Mark; First Free, Open Source
Hypervisor to Offer Support for All Major Operating Systems

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| Sun Microsystems Erica Pereira, 650-264-2329 erica.pereira@sun.com Sun
| Microsystems, Inc. (Nasdaq:JAVA) today announced that Sun(TM) xVM
| VirtualBox(TM), a high performance, free and open source desktop
| virtualization software, has surpassed five million downloads in just 18
| months. With xVM VirtualBox software, end users can access their favorite
| software using any operating system and developers can...


That's a lot of people who must have been running GNU/Linux not with the better
known hypervisors. How many people out there virtualise Linux... or install it
with Wubi?

When Dubie met Wubi

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| Loyal readers of this column will remember our four-part series on installing
| one of the more popular distros of Linux, Ubuntu. Now that Ubuntu 8.4 LTS
| (Long-Term Support) has been released, with Firefox 3, you might be curious
| about how to check out and possibly use this upstart OS, but you're reticent
| because of all the nastiness you've heard about partitioning your hard drive,
| which once fell into the realm of Upper Geekdom.
| Worry no more. Wubi, a free Ubuntu installer for Windows, handles all that
| folderol. It installs Ubuntu as though it were another application on your
| hard drive, and you can delete it at your leisure. You can then test drive
| Ubuntu and its open-source applications, then switch back to Windows if you
| so desire.


The growth of GNU/Linux is quiet and not really trackable (evidence below).

Recent (last week):

Famelix and the dangers of combating Windows

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| As with any GNU/Linux distribution, exact figures for use are hard to come by
| for Famelix. However, other users of the distribution include 62 military
| units, and schools and digital inclusion centers throughout South America. On
| its home site, the distribution has had more than 22 million downloads -- at
| least 14 million of them in the last 12 months, thanks mainly to the first
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| releases to support German, English, and Italian in addition to the original
| Spanish and Portugese. By any standard, the distribution seems a success.


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