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Linux Users: no MSDN downloads for you!

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| If you actually try to download files using Linux and Firefox on the latest
| version of the MSDN site — which was launched just about two months ago —
| you’ll find out that the choices are all grayed out, even though you have a
| legit entitlement. Curiously, the same problem also occurs for me on Firefox
| 3 RC1 and Beta 5 for Windows (although others have told me their experiences
| were different).
| Perhaps this has been the case for a while, but with Microsoft being all
| Interoperability Committed, maybe, just maybe they should consider making
| their support web sites more platform-independent.


Why search competition isn't the point

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| There is strong evidence that the platform that's emerging is more like Linux
| than it is like Windows. That is, no one player is going to own all the
| pieces. But that could change if someone owned enough of the pieces that
| everyone else became dependent on them. So I'd be much more concerned about a
| single player rolling up unrelated and complementary pieces of the larger
| internet OS till they owned critical mass in multiple areas than I would be
| about a single player owning a best of breed application in one area or
| another.
| The sooner we start getting serious about interoperability between
| best-of-breed services (the next step up from first generation mashups), the
| safer we'll be against a single dominant player turning their subsystem into
| the "one ring that rules them all."
| 2. I think Google understands the need for interoperability better than
| Microsoft. When Eric Schmidt says "don't fight the internet," I believe he
| means it.



Microsoft makes online Office play, but not for Linux

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| Microsoft yesterday announced a beta of its Microsoft Office Live Workspace
| beta, an online platform were users can store documents and share them with
| others. Reviews of Microsoft Office Live Workspace have been varied but if
| you’re running Linux you won’t get to use the Live Workspace at all. *


Microsoft Shares the Love, but Not with Linux

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| Microsoft has put up an invitation to share the love, but not with Linux
| (just bear with me, it will make sense in the end). With Valentine's Day just
| a few weeks away, the teams over at Windows Live and Microsoft Silverlight
| have joined their forces to enable users to spread and share their love.



Accounting Vendors Block Linux Server Use

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| We all know Microsoft views Linux as a serious threat and will do just
| about anything to discourage its use. But why would application vendors
| who actually face competition from Microsoft help it out in this
| regard? That's what one reader was wondering after discovering that
| his customers could no longer use a Linux server with their favorite
| accounting packages.
| [...]
| The reader believes that Microsoft is behind this. "I think this is a
| calculated move by Microsoft to stop Linux's increasing market share
| in the server market, and help increase their own," the reader wrote.
| "I think the developers are enabling this behavior, and in fact may
| be called co-conspirators in assisting Microsoft in their attacks
| against non-Windows server systems. I find this outrageous behavior
| by the developers and have already informed them of my and my
| clients' displeasure in forcing them to make outlays for something
| they didn't need, for server software they didn't want, and for
| the additional outlays that lay for my clients in the future.
| [...]
| Is this one more Redmond conspiracy against Linux, or is something
| else going on here? No doubt Microsoft is delighted with the way
| this works out, but what I don't understand is why Intuit and Sage
| would both go along with it. Why would two major application vendors,
| who compete against each other and also face a threat from Microsoft
| in that space, restrict their customers' choices to the benefit
| of Redmond?

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