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Patent breach by 'virtually all websites'? Pay up, firm demands

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| A SINGAPORE firm has threatened to sue websites that use pictures or graphics
| to link to another page, claiming it owns the patent for a technology used by
| millions around the world.
| In a move that has come under fire from the online community, VueStar
| Technologies has sent 'invoices' to local website operators asking for
| thousands of dollars in licensing fees.
| The company, which said 'virtually all websites' are infringing on its
| patent, is also planning to take on giants like Mircosoft and Google.


Patent-pending spellcheck software?!

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| Patent-pending spellcheck software, that is?!
| First of all, patenting software or any algorithm based on the idiotic claim
| that it's actually a "business concept, method and system" (if not even
| an "apparatus" when they forcefully include the computer in the patent claim)
| is theft. It's slavery. It'd dictatorship with the complicity of the USPTO.


The whole system needs to be nuked.


Fashion Designers Turning To Patents To Protect Their Designs (And Kill The

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| After all, here was a highly competitive, extremely profitable, exceptionally
| innovative creative industry -- and it was doing all that without copyright
| protection. It seemed to show quite the opposite of what many in the
| entertainment industry predicted would happen without copyrights.
| Unfortunately, though, the lessons seemed to go in the other direction. The
| fashion industry got jealous of the entertainment industry's ability to crack
| down on innovation with copyrights and pushed Congress to introduce new
| legislation that would add a copyright for fashion design. Recently such laws
| have been getting a big push from politicians who are pandering to the
| fashion industry. Of course, studies have shown that the very reason the
| industry has thrived was because the lack of IP protection. In fact, one bit
| of research showed that adding IP protections to fashion could kill the
| industry.

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