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AMD Releases Stream SDK For Linux

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| NVIDIA's competition for Stream computing is CUDA, which is the Compute
| Unified Device Architecture, or CUDA for short. CUDA has been supported on
| Linux now for some time and NVIDIA is in the process of bringing PhysX to
| CUDA, for physics acceleration thanks to their acquisition of AGEIA. Intel's
| competition is Ct, or C for Throughput Computing.



AMD FireGL V8600 On Linux

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| If we would have looked at the FireGL performance under Windows and Linux a
| year ago, the results would have been vastly different -- Linux would have
| lagged far behind the Windows driver. With the new OpenGL driver, however,
| these results are rather pleasing. In 3DS Max and UGS NX tests from
| SPECViewPerf, the Windows driver had a small performance lead over the Linux
| driver. However, in the CATIA, Maya, and Pro/Engineer tests, the Linux driver
| wound up on top. * * *


AMD Stream SDK Coming To Linux Soon

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| NVIDIA has long supported their CUDA (Compute Unified Device Architecture)
| technology on Linux for allowing general-purpose code algorithms to be
| executed on the graphics processor, while AMD and their Stream Computing
| support has been absent on Linux. AMD has only been supporting their Stream
| SDK on Windows XP, but this morning we have confirmation that the Software
| Development Kit will be released for Linux in the coming days.


Intel "paid vendors not to use AMD"

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| AMD filed suit in Delaware against Intel in June of 2005, accusing its
| competitor of abusing its monopolistic position. The complaint charges that
| customers were forced not to use AMD processors. At that time the Japanese
| anti-trust body was investigating Intel and the EU Commission also had its
| eye on Intel's behaviour.


AMD Catalyst 8.5 For Linux

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| The most interesting developments with this driver release are improved 2D
| performance and Catalyst AI, but Dynamic Kernel Module Support also goes a
| way into improving the installation experience for this proprietary driver
| and the Linux 2.6.25 support is needed for some of the newer Linux
| distributions.



ATI/AMD's Open-Source Plans

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| Starting off the X.Org talks at FOSDEM 2008 was AMD's John Bridgman, who has
| been leading the AMD GPG open-source efforts. John had talked briefly about
| the history of their open-source efforts for the R500+ series and the
| evolution of AMD GPU hardware. Among the interesting comments made were that
| TexturedVideo/X-Video support for the R500/600 may be coming quite soon, DRM
| and Mesa work forthcoming, open-source multi-GPU multi-GPU support is on the *
| road-map, and they will be re-releasing R200 programming documents. The RV620
| and RV635 documentation is expected in the near future. * * *


Could AMD move open desktop Linux market?

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| AMD’s recent move to fully support open source graphics could be the best
| news desktop Linux has had in a long time.


AMD Launches Open GPU Website

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| AMD has today launched their new open GPU documentation website for
| register-level documents covering their ATI Radeon products. In addition,
| they are now providing an email address for any open-source developers who
| may have questions concerning these documents. *

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