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Edinburgh Bed and Breakfast Garfield Guest House: Transition to the GNU/Linux
Ubuntu Operating System

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| Since installing Ubuntu the computers have run flawlessly.



Amadeus moves all hotel GDS operations from TPF to open-systems Linux platform

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| Amadeus this week will unveil the first components of a new next-generation
| distribution technology platform for the hotel industry. As a first step,
| Amadeus has completed the migration of the 75,000 hotel properties that
| participate in its GDS from a system based on TPF (transaction processing
| facility) to a Linux platform, Jerome Destors, deputy managing director of
| Amadeus' Hospitality Business Group, said. All hotel GDS operations are now
| running on the open-systems platform. * * *


Christer Edwards: Ubuntu 7.10 vs Windows XP : The Story of the Hotel Printer

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| I then click print in Evince and out comes the document. Done. You know,
| people still insist on telling me that they don’t want to run Linux because
| its harder, or that Windows XP just works for what they want to do. Are you
| kidding me? Just this evening it took me twice as much work to *try* and
| print something, which never worked. Ubuntu “just worked”… go figure.


Microsoft sues Fattal Hotels

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| BSA Israel's legal advisers, Adv. Naomi Assia and Osher Ben-Ezri claim that
| Fattal and its managers had "blatantly violated Microsoft's intellectual
| property rights, harmed its reputation and good name, and made unjust gains
| at its expense by copying and installing original software without proper
| licensing or authorization." * *


Microsoft Booted! And by The Marriott? *

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| The hotel then shut down Microsoft's wireless and Ethernet Internet
| access at 4 p.m., leaving reporters scrambling to file their stories
| and Microsoft flaks looking on apologetically.
| "They need the room for a birthday party," one of the reps
| explained.
| What the heck is going on here? Doesn't the software behemoth
| from Redmond inspire fear anymore? Apparently not so much.


Four Seasons agrees to Gates, Alwaleed buyout bid

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| Four Seasons Hotels Inc. said on Monday it has agreed to a $3.37
| billion offer to be taken private by a group that includes the
| Canadian company's chief executive as well as Saudi Prince
| Alwaleed bin Talal and Microsoft Corp. Chairman Bill
| Gates.


Four Seasons: Gates & Co May Get a Higher Tab

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| One analyst thinks the investment group bidding for the hotel chain
| may have to sweeten its $3.7 billion offer

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