"When we pretend that Linux works when it doesn't it creates a false sense
of success."

"If you give something away for free and people still pick the expensive OS
over your free OS then maybe it's time to get a clue."



No excuse for lying
By Alan Abrahamson
NBCSports.com Updated: Oct04, 2007, 10:02 PM EDT

Some people are just liars.

You wonder how they can live with themselves, day after day, year after
year, denial after denial.

You wonder when the lying starts, and why. And if a lie gets repeated so
many times it becomes, in the imagination, reality. And whether the teller
can't, or won't, or doesn't know how to stop, and maybe more -- whether some
people who are just liars are so arrogant, see themselves to be so
important, they come to believe there's no way they'll ever get caught.


In the end, perhaps, it is sometimes the case that the truth finds its way.

Even if some people are just liars. And liars are pathetic.