Nouveau Companion 27

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| Well, the time since our last TiNDC has seen AMD releasing their specs to the
| Open Source community [AMD's Open-Source Strategy Explained]. We are glad
| that our pals over at Radeon are that lucky, hopefully NVidia will see the
| light someday too.


NVIDIA: Got Specifications?

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| This past week AMD raised the Linux graphics bar by not only announcing their
| new fglrx graphics driver, which delivers Radeon HD 2000 support, immense
| performance improvements, and AIGLX, but it was accompanied by an
| announcement that they will be delivering specifications to the X.Org
| development community. These two announcements came after intense work
| internally at AMD and over a long period of time, but literally overnight it
| changed the minds of many Linux users on how they judge this company with its
| once notorious binary blob. AMD has really set a precedence for showing that
| a semiconductor company once criticized to no end with their proprietary
| software can update their views to assist and embrace the open-source Linux
| community while remaining competitive as a company in a triopoloy market.
| They have also thus reaffirmed that Linux is a viable desktop operating
| system. But the ball has now landed in NVIDIA's court. NVIDIA can either play
| ball by pushing forward with a similar effort, and then all of the big three *
| GPU manufacturers would be cradling an open-source strategy, or they may find
| themselves in trouble down the road. * * * * * * *

NVIDIA 100.14.19 Display Driver

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| After a very slow summer, NVIDIA has finally rolled out an updated Linux
| proprietary display driver. *

Nouveau project hacks away at free Nvidia drivers

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| Ultimately, Nouveau's goal, Skeggs says, "is to provide functional open
| source 2-D/3-D drivers for Nvidia chips from NV04 onwards."

Nouveau Driver Q&A

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| We are not on a crusade to burn all binary drivers. We do think however that
| people should have options and that other systems (like PPC) shouldn't be
| banned from 3D acceleration under Linux with NVidia. *

NVIDIA Blob Has Security Hole, Again

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| Another security problem has crept up with NVIDIA's binary blob display
| driver for their GeForce and Quadro graphics cards.

Willing to buy a high-end, free-software-only laptop?

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| To that end I’d like to build up a list of people who are interested in this
| idea, and would potentially buy a high-powered laptop if it were guaranteed
| to work completely with free software drivers and OpenBIOS. *

Nouveau Driver 2D performance exceeds Nvidia driver

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| Richard Hughes has just published results from the gtkperf performance test.
| Results:
| * * Nouveau: 24.86 seconds
| * * NV: 40.78 seconds

Nouveau: Where It Stands Today

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| The Nouveau driver is making some terrific progress and we look forward
| to seeing what all can be accomplished by the end of this year.

Nouveau: A First Look

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| So when will the Nouveau driver be ready? The Wiki states that the
| project should be mostly usable in autumn 2007. Keith Packard had
| previously expressed hope that the driver would be ready in time
| for the X.Org 7.3 release.