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| UNetbootin allows for the installation of Ubuntu, Fedora, Mandriva, OpenSuse,
| Arch Linux, or Debian to a real partition, so it's no different from a
| standard install, only it has the advantage that it needs no CD. This is
| meant for people who want to install Ubuntu, Fedora, Mandriva, OpenSuse, Arch
| Linux, or Debian but don't have a CD-R to burn, lack a CD writer, or they
| want to install on a computer that doesn't have a CD-ROM drive, like an
| ultra-portable laptop.



Vista Ultimate vs. Ubuntu 7.04 - Which Install Is Easier?

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| So less than 3 hours into this experiment, I have both Vista and Ubuntu
| installed and patched. Both systems are stable, more or less, but both
| systems have quirks. Neither system worked perfectly, but much to my surprise
| the Ubuntu system worked better, (once I got the keyboard working). More
| hardware worked without needing to download additional drivers. More over,
| there is moreover, the desktop that I do have is more functional -
| applications like GIMP, Open Office, and a slew of multi-media apps are far
| more useful than Wordpad, Paint and the slew of crap that Vista comes with. ¬* ¬* ¬*


Linux is not only better than windows, it is also easier to install and

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| This post inspired me to write this comparison, side by side, specially
| where it says, that windows users says that "Linux is hard to install", so I
| wanted to test it.


Linux is Easier to Install than Windows!

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| A brief, but honest description of why Linux is better than Windows!


[Installing Linux from Windows] Wubi Review

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| In conclusion, this tool is certainly one of the easiest ways of letting
| people try Ubuntu without removing Windows or having to partition their hard
| drive for a dual-boot. ¬*I have enjoyed this tool, and although it is still in
| beta, it works very well and is very stable. ¬*So, if you are running a
| computer with Windows and want to give Ubuntu a try, then this is the
| solution for you. ¬* ¬*