Review of Ubuntu 7.10 (gutsy) new features and changes

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| As always, new version of Ubuntu is better than previous. But probably this
| version did the most powerful step forward than any other. I will strongly
| recommend my friend, who is using another operating system, to settle on the
| Ubuntu gutsy now, because most of the major barriers for newbies are gone.
| During testing run of the gutsy I have met only one confusing case. It was
| during installation of updates, when Update manager opened a terminal
| emulator frame. It was unclear even to me, what should I do next: just wait,
| because it was just an information message or type something in. In real, I
| have simply to hit the ?Enter? button.

What's new in Mandriva 2008.0

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| In less than two weeks time, six months after the great Mandriva 2007.1
| Spring release, Mandriva 2008.0 will be ready and published. Currently,
| Release Candidate 2 is out, it's your last chance to test it and make sure
| everything is working before the final release!

Good overviews. Mandriva looks very attractive and it's packed with features.