Today?s Debate: Is open source the cure for health care?

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| Open source is the cure for what ails health care IT, according to Bruce
| Wilder.


Article Slams e-Clinical Works, favors WorldVistA

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| "...Health insurers and medical software companies, not subject to such
| regulations, have provided free software and hardware directly to providers.
| New York City recently awarded a $19.8 million contract to a proprietary EHR
| vendor, which will permit the city's Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
| to provide free software to physicians and clinics to be used for care of
| patients... But it is a safe bet that additional products and services won't
| be provided free indefinitely. * * *

McKesson First to Offer Red Hat Enterprise Healthcare Platform

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| As a leading provider of technology solutions to the healthcare
| industry, McKesson has been at the forefront of innovative
| technologies, deploying many of its advanced Horizon Clinicals
| applications on Linux running on Intel-based hardware. Hospitals
| with these deployments have already realized cost savings of up
| to 60% compared with traditional system deployments.

Medical site is on a mission to set records

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| The company is set to announce a deal today with Google Inc. to
| offer physicians and medical groups a Web-based digital medical
| records system at no cost. The service will be funded by advertising.

The Next Round Of Microsoft Vs. Linux: Health Care

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| Both camps are making waves in the industry, which is poised for
| dramatic IT growth
| [...]
| Red Hat, the largest business Linux distributor, is teaming up
| with the health care sector's largest company, McKesson, an $88
| billion-a-year pharmaceutical and IT supplier. Red Hat will
| provide a core of Linux and JBoss software geared to run
| McKesson's clinical applications.