Intel has ARM in its crosshairs

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| And that's one area where Intel thinks it has an advantage, given the
| powerful software already available for Windows and Linux PCs. Linux,
| especially, will be an important part of Intel's strategy.
| The first UMPCs were designed in cooperation with Microsoft, with plans to
| run Windows XP and Windows Vista. But since the Spring IDF in Beijing, Intel
| has been gradually backing away from its long-time partner to tout
| Linux-based operating systems for MIDs.


Intel shows AIR, Ubuntu running on ultramobile PC

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| Intel plans to show ultramobile PC devices based on its upcoming Menlow chip
| platform running AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) and the Ubuntu Linux
| distribution at the Intel Developer Forum on Wednesday. *

Linux-powered Mobile Internet Device video walkthrough

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| The finalized product could obviously change ever-so-sightly between
| now and then, but regardless, be sure to click on through for an
| in-action look at Intel's Linux-based MID, and try not to become
| too envious, capiche?

UMPC News : New Linux distro for MIDs to be launched in May. Redflag
Mid Linux

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| The new distro will have a 500MB footprint, will support
| power-saving features, boot time is shown as 18 seconds on
| one of the slides.