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Edwin wrote:

> On May 24, 5:40*pm, Tim Murray wrote:
> > * * * * Pursuant to your myth post.
> >
> > Say that Apple's computers were built by the same folks who build the tape
> > recorders for Mission Impossible. You had no way of knowing what was
> > inside,
> > because as soon as you cracked open the case, it consumed its processor and
> > motherboard in a white-hot magnesium flash.
> >
> > In other words, all you know about it is how it works from the
> > user-interface
> > level.

> IOW, you want to limit me to your level of knowledge.
> > So answer this: Is a Mac just a Wintel box?

> The answer is to go down to the factory that makes them and find out
> if the same things are being put into both.

So... the same argument...

....any machine that runs Linux...

....that's a Wintel box, too...


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