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Steve Ballmer Receives the Egg-treatment in Budapest

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| Update#2: OK, enough of the fun part. As the story circulates people start
| wondering what may be the background, and since the only sources are in
| Hungarian, here’s a summary of the circumstances:
| A Hungarian Government bid, worth $25B Hungarian Forints, roughly $157M
| was allegedly skewed towards MS. (A ‘competitive’ bid with wording that
| all but ensures only Microsoft meets the requirements.) A Hungarian
| Watchdog Body (sort of like the FTC in the US) challenged the bidding
| process via the Court system, and a trial date was set for today. The
| trial was suddenly and unexpectedly rescheduled just as Ballmer arrived
| in Budapest. So there may be a perception of the Bully lobbying there.


Can anyone other than the Microsoft Munchkins defend these criminals? The
embargo in the EU is hopfully coming along nicely (decision due shortly).


MSOOXML: What Happened in Hungary

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| If you can't do the math, I think the bottom line is, it's looking like
| Microsoft won't let the world say no to OOXML. It couldn't ram it through the
| usual process, with the folks who understand the tech, even with some very
| odd technical committee chairperson goings on. This is the standard that
| couldn't win on merit, in short. * *


Microsoft Office raid in Hungary

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| "Such behavior could lead to the exclusion of competitive products from
| the market and violate European Union rules, according to the authority
| known as the GVH."

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