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Google slates Micro-hoo deal, looks at its own

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| Google billionaire co-founder Larry Page criticised a potential Microsoft
| takeover of Yahoo, saying it would concentrate too much power in the online
| communications market, stifling innovation and curbing competition.


Google's Good News Bad for Microsoft, Yahoo

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| At a time when Microsoft and Yahoo publicly stumble about, trying to come up
| with some way to take on Google's search juggernaut, we now get more market
| research data showing Google continues to gobble up market share. And it's
| the kind of news that neither Microsoft nor Yahoo can afford to hear



Google Summer of Code 2008 Takes 1,125 Developers

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| or Google Summer of Code (SoC) 2008, Google is paying for 1,125 student
| developers, which is an increase from the 900 students the program took in
| 2007. Those students will work with 175 Free and Open Source Projects as
| mentors to Â*help improve and expand their development. Â*


Announcing Freedom Summer of Code

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| What is the Freedom Summer of Code?
| Modeled after the successful Google Summer of Code, the Freedom Summer of
| Code adds a radical social justice twist. We will be working with select tech
| activist organizations to generate interesting ideas as well as help people
| develop several projects over the next three months.
| The Freedom Summer of Code aims to advance critical movement technology
| projects and tools that benefit a wide-variety of radical social justice
| organizations and movements; inspire developers to become more interested in
| directly participating in social-justice tech organizations; contributes
| back, for the benefit of all, to the free software world which sustains us
| while simultaneously honoring individual’s labor; increases the social
| ownership and democratic control over information, ideas, technology, and the
| means of communication; empowers organizations and individuals to use
| technology in struggles for liberation. We are developing software that is
| geared specifically to the needs of network organizing and democratic
| collaboration, providing new services that greatly enhance your security and
| privacy.

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