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Open Source Scoring A Soccer Goal

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| A team of robots playing soccer and beating a team of humans no less... This
| scenario might very well be a reality in the future if RoboCupc has its say.
| RoboCup, an international joint project to promote artificial intelligence
| (AI), robotics and related fields, has set a goal for fully autonomous,
| humanoid robots to win the world soccer championship by 2050.


Sun's 'bold' strategy: committing to open source

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| Silicon Valley stalwart Sun Microsystems has transformed itself before, from
| a company known for high-powered workstations to a major supplier of servers
| during the first Internet boom. More recently, it has embraced a strategy of
| building up business by giving away software code for free.


NJIT hosts world leaders for open source software conference tomorrow

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| Speakers tomorrow will include Jeffrey Eric Altman, President/CEO, Secure
| Endpoints Inc, New York City, on the future of open source software;
| Dexter "Kim" Kimball, president, CCRE, a computer consulting firm, Loveland,
| CO, expounding on Unison; and Chris Kurtz, a technology support analyst
| coordinator, for the Mars Space Flight Facility at Arizona State University.


Ingres Puts The Community First

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| Ingres Corporation, a leading provider of open source database management
| software and support services, today announced that it has stepped up its
| involvement in the open source community to drive validation and adoption of
| open source. Among the company's open source initiatives are the Ingres
| Janitors Project, Open Source Boot Camp, and the Global Ingres University
| Alliance.



Gifts of Open Source

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| The future of Open Source storage software looks even brighter, considering
| recent developments such as Sun's donation of OpenSolaris, along with a
| wealth of storage technologies, and the Aperi project, a heavyweight-backed
| effort to create an Open Source suite of storage management applications.
| Spearheaded by IBM, Aperi also has the support of other key storage vendors
| including Brocade, Cisco, Computer Associates, Emulex, Fujitsu, LSI Logic,
| NetApp, Novell, and YottaYotta. * * *

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