Roy Schestowitz wrote:
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> South Africans don't understand OSS - Microsoft
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>> Despite having an open source strategy the South African government
>> doesn't really understand how to benefit from OSS. This is according
>> to Microsoft director of corporate standards, Jason Matusow.
>> Matusow, who was in South Africa on an "external outreach" trip
>> around the time SA adopted ODF as a national standard, writes on his
>> blog that not only does government not understand how to benefit
>> from open source software, but South Africans were unlikely to ever
>> do any "deep" development work on Linux.

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"Any innovation on Linux that is broadly applicable will immediately be
picked up by Red Hat or Novell and commercialized globally with little
economic benefit coming back to SA."

In other words, RedHat and Novell will continue as much as possible to take
a free ride on the backs of poor, naive Linux developers.