Is Linux Now the Server Market Leader?

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| This leaves two possibilities. The first is that Microsoft has chosen to
| ignore the rules of marketing and decided to run what it wants, when it
| wants, using ads of former department directors because it likes the way they
| look. The second is that Linux truly is winning the server war and Microsoft
| is acting the way any vendor that wants to attack the market leader would.
| I'm all a twitter as I contemplate the latter and wonder how long it'll be
| before a suitable roadmap exists.

Red Hat's revenue is up 59% because of Linux demand.

The Big Lie-type propaganda from Microsoft (and aggressive SCO-like threats)
continue. Vile, vile stuff. Same type tactics are used against Google (smear
campaigns, lobbing, FUD, etc)...

Microsoft -- who do you want to bully today?


Server sales turn vendors into very happy bunnies

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| X86 server sales generated 50 per cent of factory revenue for the first time,
| growing 16 per cent year on year. Sales of Windows servers grew by 14 per
| cent annually but Linux revs were up 34 per cent.