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Google opens up a little on its search algorithms

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| Given the scrutiny it faces in the market as the dominant search provider,
| Google may be feeling a need to make a greater effort to be more transparent,
| said Greg Sterling, an analyst at Sterling Market Intelligence.


The article spends far too much time quoting Rob Enderle's attack on Google.
That's the guy who's attending ****tail parties in Redmond, as recently
reported by Perlow. It's a client.

Microsoft is afraid of Google for the same reasons it's afraid of IBM (at least
in part). Google is a Linux enabler.

Google carves an Android path through open-source world

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| Google didn't invent open-source programming or pioneer the mobile-phone
| software market, but when it comes to its Android project, don't accuse
| Google of playing follow the leader.


Microsoft is still on this crusade to characterise Google as evil
(daemonisation). This tactic has gone on -- and noted -- since 2006 at the


Google reads your email, shocker - Steve Ballmer claims


Google denies its Apps just a Microsoft Office add-on

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| Google staff don't like the suggestion that their own employees depend mostly
| on Microsoft Office even as Google Apps makes headway into the enterprise
| collaboration and e-mail market. *


Microsoft launch campaign worthy of a politician in it's vagueness

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| Anyway - it pissed me off.. so here I am. Go check it out yourself. I'd give
| you the link, but better still go to http://www.osnews.com *and you'll find
| the ad on pretty much any linux related page. *
| Click it and let Microsoft pay for their propaganda campaign.


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| From w-carrin Mon Oct 15 12:18:05 1990
| To: bradsi
| Subject: Getting the word out about DR DOS
| Cc: kathrynh; russw
| Date: Mon Oct 15 12:09:08 1990
| Concerns have been raised that DR-DOS incompatibilities and flaws are
| being overlooked by reviewers.
| ..
| We recommend that we informally plant the bug of FUD in their ears.
| "Have you heard about problems with DR DOS?"
| "That security feature is a neat idea and, gosh, such a feature would be
| great, but it's just too easily circumvented"
| "Gee, it's unfortunate that DR DOS can't be loaded high all the time.
| MS-DOS 5.0 can" We'll do this very tactfully.
| ..
| The security features may lead someone to a false sense of security and
| someone may break into their payroll.
| ..
| * If Digital Research can to Microsoft for help in making DR DOS work
| with Windows, would Microsoft help them? Maybe not?

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